NDMA on a bike. Nilton

NAME: Nilton De Menezes


WHERE YOU HEADING:I’m headed home

WHAT ARE YOU RIDING: I’m riding a old schools hot rod

NDMA on a bike. Nilton

WHY DO YOU RIDE:I like riding because it’s convenient, it’s better for the environment, I also don’t really like walking lol

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT BIKING IN OTTAWA WHAT WOULD IT BE:If I had to change anything for biking in Ottawa would be the relationship between the car drivers and bikers. I feel like there’s a little hate between the two, maybe because car drivers feel like the roads belongs to them.

NDMA on a bike. Nilton


  • BLAZER: Vintage 60s
  • JEANS: April 77
  • SHOES: Vintage loafers
  • SUNGLASSES: Vintage

NDMA on a bike. Nilton

FAVOURITE SPOTS TO BIKE: don’t really have a favorite place to ride, maybe that’s something that I should look for

FAVOURITE PLACE TO STOP AFTER A RIDE:After riding I like going home and watch Suits.

NDMA on a bike