NAME: Stephan Telka

OCCUPATION: Public Engagement Consultant

WHERE YOU HEADING: On my way home from the office

WHAT ARE YOU RIDING: A second-hand, Dutch-made “Batavus Lento Deluxe” which I’ve named Wouter. It was a gift from friends & family for my birthday last year. The frame is a titch big for me, but I like him just the same.


WHY DO YOU RIDE: Because I’m a bit lazy. James Schwartz had a great blog about this in June 2013. I prefer to use my non-working hours to read or cook up a storm for friends, rather than spend time waiting for a bus or fighting the crowds downtown after work, let alone worrying about the hassle of having a car downtown.



IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT BIKING IN OTTAWA WHAT WOULD IT BE: The connection between Centretown and Lowertown. I can see it putting off cyclists who live in Centretown and want to hang out in the market for an afternoon or evening. The Corktown Bridge is fantastic – I’m talking about the Wellington/Rideau-Colonel John By/Sussex intersection. Heading toward Sussex along the Canal, the trail disappears in front of the Ottawa Convention Centre, and doesn’t re-appear until York Street or so. It makes for some awkward lane jumping, which is better, I suppose, than biking through traffic in front of the Chateau Laurier.


  • Shirt:Uniqlo, Bangkok
  • Blazer: Topman, Bangkok
  • Tie: Frank & Oak, online
  • Pocket Square: Ca gift from my friend Joyce
  • Glasses: eyemaxx, Ottawa
  • Pants: Zara, Ottawa
  • Belt: Topman, London
  • Shoes: Topman, London
  • Socks: Topman, Chicago
  • Bag: Kenneth Cole, New York
  • Helmet: Mountain Equipment Coop, Ottawa


FAVOURITE SPOTS TO BIKE: I love taking the Laurier Street segregated bike lane through Chinatown to the Wellington West neighbourhood

FAVOURITE PLACE TO STOP AFTER A RIDE: Blumenstudio on Parkdale in Wellington West – it’s where you’re most likely to find me on a Saturday afternoon, with a latte and thick Saturday Globe in hand.