Name: Nicholas Vipond

Occupation: Canadian Cycling Association – MTB Coordinator

What are you riding?: Bike Steelwool limited.

Where are you heading? heading to work, through the Glebe when Zara approached me

OTT-VELO-NICK3 What are you wearing?

  • Shorts – Oakley
  • Shirt – Oakley
  • Shoes – Timberland
  • Glasses – Ralph Lauren
  • Watch – Nixon
  • Bag – Timbuck 2


Why do you ride? I ride because it relaxing and refreshing. I always get to work awake. You don’t have to deal with traffic and drivers when on the bike. I also like riding for the fitness.

OTT-VELO-NICK4 One thing to change about biking in Ottawa? Help educate both cyclists and drivers about sharing the roads.

Favorite spots to ride: In Ottawa I like to ride on the backroads of Québec. Up there there are some nice hilly twisty gravel roads that offer some really varied rides and challenges. My all time favorite place to ride is the sunshine coast in BC, they have some of the best flowy single tracks I have ever seen.

Favorite during ride stop: Well riding a bike and drinking coffee go hand in hand so that mid ride stop has to be coffee, and no where is more suited to a mid ride coffee then Les Saisons in Chelsea!

Favorite post ride stop: Nothing beats a nice cold beer on a patio following a ride and the patio at the Clocktower on Bank St. sure hits the spot!