MIRA bags bring elegance to your daily commute



A smart solution that helps you get to work by bike, in style, even if you’re carrying a laptop.

MIRA bags are a classy and easy solution for all those who cycle to work and are looking for something more elegant and smart than a touring pannier or something more gentle to their back than a regular laptop bag. Well designed, bike­ and back­friendly, MIRA bags are an all­in­one solution for daily professional needs and commute. For 2015 we are introducing three styles: the Elston, the Swing Velvet and the Au Lait.

All models are made of excellent quality faux leather, feature a laptop compartment and special pockets for your iPhone, wallet and other items you’d like to keep at hand. Essentially, Mira bags hold all your daily stuff while looking great ­ and they can be attached to your bike in no time. Mira bags clip onto your rear carrier with two hooks plus a velcro strap for extra security. While off the bike, the hooks are hidden in a special pocket that transforms the pannier into a regular beautiful bag.

MIRA bags are now available for preorders via Indiegogo:


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