Meet Yvonne! She’ll be at the Green Living Show April 15-17 with her book. Please visit booth number 1738, in the Eco-Parent section.

NAME: Yvonne Bambrick

OCCUPATION: Executive Director of the Forest Hill Village BIA, Event Photographer, Author of The Urban Cycling Survival Guide, amongst other volunteer/fun things like Kensington Market Garden Car Gardener 😉

WHERE YOU HEADING: I just stopped for lunch in Kensington Market on the way to my office at the Centre for Social Innovation – it’s a co-working space on Spadina Ave.

CZA_2531 Yvonne-1

WHAT ARE YOU RIDING: I’m riding a Linus Roadster. Lucky me, I won it in a raffle at a Dandyhorse magazine launch party back in 2011 and it’s been a great year-round workhorse of a bike since then. I’ve personalised it with a Brooks saddle and handlebar grips (both of which I LOVE), a back rack and bottle basket – my waterproof Ortlieb pannier goes on the other side – and a coffee cup holder. Oh, and the double kickstand was a little fix to help keep the bike upright when I have heavy stuff on the back – so like, always.

CZA_2443 Yvonne-1

WHY DO YOU RIDE: My bicycle is my main form of transportation – I ride to get wherever it is I’m going. The convenience, speed and predictable travel times make it worthwhile even in -25 winter weather, and I love being physically active while getting from a to b. I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars (and heaps of time) over the years, reduced my environmental footprint, and kept a smile on my face while flying past cars stuck idling in endless lines of traffic, or while under the shade of trees on lovely residential side streets.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT BIKING IN TORONTO WHAT WOULD IT BE: If I had a magic wand that could solve one bike-related issue (and perhaps many others) in Toronto, I’d give all Torontonians and visitors – people driving, walking, taking transit or on bicycles – a deep understanding and empathy for the perspective of the road users around them with the goal being to eliminate the selfish/angry/aggressive behaviours we often thrust upon others in our shared roadway environment.


WHAT ARE YOU WEARING: shirt, shoes, shorts, glasses any accessories you are wearing.
My shirt and jacket are both by Canadian designer Mélissa Nepton and they go perfectly with the black (Canadian) Yoga Jeans which make up the bottom part of my Fall/Winter uniform. I picked up my shorty cowboy boots from Heel Boy on Queen W. My super cozy recycled cashmere toque was made by Canadian designer Janna Hurtzig, and my wool Cole Haan coat was a Winners score several years ago. I’m a big fan of local/Canadian designers and never miss a chance to support them when so many come together for the One of a Kind show. My glasses are from Optic Zone on Jarvis St. – great shop!

FAVOURITE SPOTS TO BIKE: I’m loving the redesigned Waterfront Trail, and the new-ish Richmond, Adelaide & Simcoe cycle tracks. Dundas St. between Spadina & Bathurst was repaved last fall and it’s changed my life tremendously – that was such a treacherous stretch of roadway and now it’s smooth, comfy and so much safer even without bike infrastructure. Toronto Islands are a great car-free place to ride most of the year.