Ekaterina Trukhan creates playful pieces of art that I simply adore! Check out the interview I did with her below.


Tell us about your art, where do you get your inspiration from? 

I create simple and cheerful illustrations for various kind of projects. At the moment I divide my time between working on commissioned projects and developing my own range or products. I draw my inspirations from everyday life, long walks in the parks of London, vintage children’s books and mid-century design.

What is your creative process like?
My working process depends on a given project. I usually start by making lots of quick and very rough sketches, which I later develop into finished pieces. I have my favourite colour palette which I tend to stick to, but sometimes I like to explore new colour combinations. To create my final images, I use gouache, acrylic paints and coloured pencils. Then I scan these images in and assemble and edit them in Photoshop.



How do you differentiate your art from others? What’ makes your pieces unique?
I’m not sure that I’m able to define my style. I just make images the way I can and try to find what feels right for me.

What is it about your chosen medium that calls to you?
I like to work with mixed media, because it allows me to experiment and use different visual approaches.

What artists do you admire?
Vladimir Lebedev, Paul Rand, Abner Graboff, Alain Gree, Alexander Girard, Terry Frost and many others.

What was the last great book you read?
I’ve just finished reading a book about the work of Sonia Delaunay, who was a great artist and very inspiring person.

Why do you ride bicycles?
Riding a bike makes me happy and free. One of my brightest childhood memories was the day I first had learnt to ride a bike. I still remember that amazing feeling of freedom: just me and my bike.

What fun places have you travelled with your bike (local/international)..where are your favourite places to go by bicycle?
I like to cycle along the seacoast or in peaceful countryside with quiet roads and fresh air.


What is your favourite piece you have created and why?
I feel close to the characters I create. They keep me in touch with my inner child and make me smile. So I would call them my favourite creations.

When did you start developing a passion for art?
I’ve always enjoyed drawing and making things. When I was a child I used to have a lot of picture books and could spent hours looking at the illustrations in them. I think this huge amount of visual material sparkled my imagination and inspired me to start drawing.

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