NAME: Jess(ica) Dunkin

OCCUPATION: Historian and canoe nerd

WHERE YOU HEADING: To Gatineau Park for a stroll with my man friend.

©Camille Zara Ansar

WHAT ARE YOU RIDING: 1975 Raleigh Superbe. Canadian-made, Sturmey Archer 3-speed with working DynoHub.

WHY DO YOU RIDE: To get from A to B with the wind in my hair and to avoid driving a car.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT BIKING IN OTTAWA WHAT WOULD IT BE: I would love to see city planners take a more bike-centred approach to infrastructure. Creating a more extensive and accessible cycling network would encourage people to hop on their bikes and nourish Ottawa’s bike culture.

Jessica Dunkin


  • RingsDress: Cough, cough…Jessica
  • Sweater: Nine West
  • Shoes: Remonte Dorndorf
  • Earrings: One of a Kind Show, c. 2008
  • Ring: Very Shari

Jessica Dunkin

FAVOURITE SPOTS TO BIKE: Anywhere near water: along the Canal, the Ottawa River, the Rideau River.

FAVOURITE PLACE TO STOP AFTER A RIDE: BDT is great after a ride out to Aylmer. On the Ottawa side, a latte in the courtyard outside at Planet Coffee is a little piece of heaven.

©Camille Zara Ansar