MIRA Au Lait bicycle bag

Elegant laptop bag equipped with a smart hook system allowing easy mounting on a rear bicycle rack.

Perfect for all ladies willing to look elegant on and off the bike. A favourite among bloggers worldwide. The bag is made with high quality faux leather. Luxury finish with a smooth liner, laptop compartment, mobile phone pocket and an extra pocket for for daily necessities. Fits a 15” size laptop and A4 documents.

Works perfectly instead of a briefcase. Perfect gift for any woman.

Price: 79.00 eur


MIRA Elston bicycle bag

A classic vintage style bag thanks to which riding a bike to work (and after) will become stylish and comfortable. The bag will fit a laptop, everyday essentials and thanks to an easy to use mounting system will relieve your back. Additional compartments for a mobile and an organiser make the Elston very functional. Taking it off the bike it can be carried on a shoulder just like any other office bag.

Great for everyone who cherish a classic style.

Price: 79.00 eur

Saddle cover, Hare

Something for the young ones or cyclists willing to avoid the effect of a chilled saddle during their morning commute. Hand crafted fits all saddles providing warmth and a smile on your face.

One size fits most.

Price: 69.90 eur


XXL bicycle bell, red polka dot

An ideal gift for pin-up style lovers. A cute XXL will be a real gem on the handlebars. It has a loud sound (up to 100m!) to effectively mark your presence on the road.

Price: 10.00 eur


XXL bicycle bell, Bike Bake Luv Sugar Purple

The sweetest gift you can imagine. Large (80mm diameter) bike bell looking like a delicious dessert. Very loud like no other.

Gluten free with 0 calories! 😉

Made in Poland.

Price: 24.60 eur


(for adults and children over 5yrs)

Valve caps, ladybirds

The valve caps are true jewellery for a bike. Cute, handmade in Poland valve caps will add a personal touch to a bike and put a smile on the face of their user every morning. Packed in a special gift box will surely bring joy to any cyclist with a sense of humor.

Price: 10.00 eur per pair.


“My bike is my cabrio” hat and scarf set

A wonderful gift for those who do not want to part with a bike and want to have one near even when not riding. A warm hat and scarf with “My Bike is My Cabrio” print will be perfect for both men and women. The scarf will also be useful for cheering your favourite cyclist during a race :).

One size. Made in Poland.

Price: 15.00 eur for set.

Umbrella holder for a bike

Something for those who cycle regardless of the weather. This smart gadget will allow a more comfortable ride in the rain providing additional protection. A universal, adjustable clasp maes it easy to mount on almost every bike. Wirks with all umbrellas expect small pocket automatics.

Price: 22.11 eur


Rain Cape

All year round cyclist’s best friend. Carefully designed in our studio and made in Poland will work perfectly on and off the bike. Various colours, one size. Perfect for both men and women.

Price. 36,90 eur