Bike-friendly, Feminine Rainwear for Fashionable Urban Living

The Danish award-winning designer, Emma Jorn, is redefining rainwear for the better with her new brand Takaokami.

Living in Copenhagen, the bicycle capital of the world, Emma’s main transportation vehicle is her bicycle. As a daily commuter cyclist in a city that knows a lot about rain, Emma has often found herself in a predicament: Looking stylish and staying dry.

“When you lead an active, urban life and want to look feminine and elegant, rain is extremely inconvenient. There is a lack of waterproof apparel that is both functional AND fashionable. Takaokami’s mission is to change that.” – says Emma.

The result is a rainvolution: A head-to-toe chic rainwear collection that merges practical, bike- friendly rainwear with ultra-feminine Danish fashion design. Takaokami enables fashion-conscious women with urban lifestyles to stay stylishly dry while cycling in the rain.

To give an example of the collections bike-friendliness, the rain skirt is longer in the front allowing for protection of ones thighs whilst riding the bicycle, and there is a matching “raincoat” for the bicycle basket and handlebars.
Takaokami is named after a legendary Japanese rain god. The name was chosen to celebrate Emma’s key inspiration for the brand: Tokyo – a city with lots of rain and pressure to lead a fast paced lifestyle regardless of the weather. Rain doesn’t intimidate the Japanese women. They co- exist with it and use rainwear as quirky and fashionable accessories to their outfits. Takaokami encourages women living in rainy cities all over the world to do the same.

Emma is extremely passionate about sustainable fashion, so to raise money for the green and eco-friendly production, she’s launched Takaokami as a project on

All photos courtesy of Takaokami

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