Hello Velo Voguers,

This week we were contacted by an organization associated with charitable campaign that touched our heart. The campaign is called the Craig Gives Back-2-Back Cross Canada Bicycle Tour! We love hearing about how biking has changed people’s lives and how it can allow us all to give back to our communities.


Craig Aucoin of Pictou, Nova Scotia was born with retinitis pigmentosa disease (RP). Diagnosed at the age of 8 RP caused Craig’s vision to deteriorate over time. His loss of vision meant Craig was no longer able to participate in some of his favorite sports and hobbies. This lack of activity and internal regression led to significant weight gain and depression.

With the help of various charities Craig was able to get through his struggles and persevere. Craig along with his training partner are currently riding his one of a kind recumbent bike across Canada in order to raise money for 3 different charities!

Craig’s story furthers a message that we at Ottawa Velo Vogue truly believe. Anyone can get involved in biking! The only limits that exist are the ones we put on ourselves. Craig is an inspiration to us all.



To find out more about the Craig’s story and to make a donation to the campaign you can visit his website.

Way to go Craig! We wish you the best on your cross Canada tour! Ride on!