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NAME: Carolyn Lacasse

OCCUPATION:Director of Marketing Source Metrics

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WHAT ARE YOU RIDING: : I have a pair, and I say pair because they were purchased as a team, of 3 Speed CCM Elans dating back to 1975. I snagged the duo from friend Dom Comballe after he posted them to Instagram and I was the lucky one who answered this ‘ad’ first. He told me he bought the two bikes together from a cute old married couple a few years back and that him and his wife used to cruise of them together. Part of the purchase deal was to buy both, so to ensure good bike karma, I have a men’s and women’s version.

WHY DO YOU RIDE:Living right in the the hustle and bustle of downtown means that it’s the perfect way to get around to my favourite spots, quickly and with a little wind in my hair.

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IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT BIKING IN OTTAWA WHAT WOULD IT BE:Like most bikers, I wish Ottawa had a better network of bike lanes within the city core itself. Our path network is incredible, and would make other cities envious- but often times when I have to navigate high traffic locales I don’t feel as safe

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My skirt and blouse are from Pink Tartan at Holt Renfrew here in Ottawa. Asha Binti Kingombe, who’s a my go-to gal there, picked these pieces out for me. My silver woven lace ups are from Dune London which I snagged from The Hudson’s Bay Company.

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FAVOURITE SPOTS TO BIKE: Lately I’ve been biking over to the Hull side which is easy to get to from where I live in the Byward Market. You really can’t beat the sunset over the bridge and there are tons of little restos and places to grab a drink that you have the chance to discover for the first time.

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FAVOURITE PLACE TO STOP AFTER A RIDE:One of my favourite places to stop after a ride is the always bright and equally beautiful Blumen Studio on Parkdale. This flower shop doubles as one of the city’s best coffee destinations. Whether you’re sitting outside on their quaint patio, or amongst the flowers inside- you’re destined for a perfect espresso and maybe you’ll even leave with some blooms.