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NAME: Sarah Hatton


WHERE YOU HEADING:On my way back home to Chelsea, QC

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WHAT ARE YOU RIDING: Urkai’s custom-designed “Bee-Kissed” Azor Carolina Dutch bike, with a vintage Bee bell.

WHY DO YOU RIDE: Other than staying fit, riding is one of the ways that I focus my thoughts when I need to be inspired, or figure out an artistic idea that is already underway. I have always been a cyclist, and it is probably the only activity that makes me feel exactly the same as I did when I was a little kid. Because I’ll admit, when I am tearing down a hill at full speed, and holding off on squeezing my brakes just a little bit longer, I become a peregrine falcon in a killer free dive. It’s that simple.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT BIKING IN OTTAWA WHAT WOULD IT BE: I will add my voice to the many who have said it already – dedicated bike lanes make a world of difference to cyclist safety and cycling’s overall popularity.

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  • DRESS: vintage, mysterious origin
  • COAT: Costa Blanca

Sarah Hatton riding her bicycle

FAVOURITE SPOTS TO BIKE: When I don’t have to get anywhere fast, I love the laid-back beauty of the Arboretum in Ottawa. However, the parkways of Gatineau Park have it all. My favourite destination in Gatineau Park is Champlain Lookout, because it is a badass climb, and the reward at the end is so sweet.

Sarah Hatton on bicycle sunset

FAVOURITE PLACE TO STOP AFTER A RIDE: La Cigale (Chelsea) has the best ice cream in the region, and you get to sit and eat it in a magnificent perennial garden.