NAME: Merrill O’Malley

OCCUPATION:  Project Manager for ‘Reno my Reno’ on Cottage Life


WHERE YOU HEADING:  I am on my way to work at Mountain Road Productions in Westboro

WHAT ARE YOU RIDING:  A refurbished vintage Bianchi that I got from re-Cycles on Bronson, her name is Pearl.

WHY DO YOU RIDE: Why wouldn’t I ride? It’s easy and fun, and makes me happy and healthy. Commuting by bike from Aylmer is probably faster than driving with all the traffic. I love the feeling of whipping past cars that are backed up over the bridge. Ha ha, Suckers!!


IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT BIKING IN OTTAWA WHAT WOULD IT BE: There needs to be a mutual respect between cyclists and drivers. Cyclists can drive just as dangerously and selfishly as drivers do. We all need to check our blind spots and get along!


  • Denim dress: from H&M
  • Shoes: Nina Z clogs from Victoire
  • Pocket square: is made by yours truly from vintage fabric.


FAVOURITE SPOTS TO BIKE: Along the Ottawa River on the Quebec side, it’s beautiful, well taken care of and takes me right to my door or to the beach!

FAVOURITE PLACE TO STOP AFTER A RIDE: Honestly, my own backyard with a glass of wine under the apple tree while Willa (my 6 year old Dachshund) and Blanche (my 1.5 year old Basset hound) run around excited to have me home again.

FAVOURITE OTTAWA VENUE: The Elmdale Oyster House in Hintonburg always shows me a good time.


FAVOURITE OTTAWA COFFEE SHOP: A new Equator coffee just opened up the street from my office. The space is fresh and they make a mean Americano.

FAVOURITE OTTAWA BEER: Beyond the Pale‘s Pink Fuzz.. Oh man, I could go for one right now.

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FAVOURITE OTTAWA SHOP: Does an Instagram shop count? If so @certifiedvintagegoods is doing a very cool thing. If you like something they post you comment with ‘sold’ and your email, and they deliver it right to you! I mean, come on…