Tell us about your art- where do you get your inspiration from?
I’m a city and country girl combined! I’m inspired by the energy of the city and the serenity of the country. Colors inspire me, so do brilliant pieces of art and hand painted words. I love animals of all shapes and sizes, flowers and fruit, faces, patterns, the sunshine, the sea, birds, butterflies and of course bicycles!


By Carolyn Gavin


By Carolyn Gavin

Is watercolour your primary medium of choice?
I think i’ve come full circle. When I was younger I used lots of acrylic, water colour and gouache. Then I went to graphic design school where things became less painterly and more commercial. Computers kicked in and my work became mainly digital. Now its a combination of the 2 which I love. Sometimes, one inspires the other, but painting is def my first love… water colour or gouache right now.


By Carolyn Gavin

Looking back at all your artwork, which one is your favourite and why?
I have many but I think I’d chose pink bike and a large “faces” portrait. The bikes were a wonderful and inspiring challenge to paint, The faces are an ongoing series (i like to paint the same theme over and over again). Each time brings a new facet of understanding and a new level of joy.


Tell us about EcoJot
Ecojot is a family owned company founded by my brother Mark and I, in 2007. We create eco-friendly paper goods that feature my designs.  All our products are made from 100% post consumer recycled materials. Our love for paper, the planet and design has enabled us to create a sustainable brand that is available around the world. We’re proud to be LOCAL AND CANADIAN. We give back to kids in need and are part of bcorporation for better business. This Spring we’re launching a range featuring my painted bikes, so excited so keep a lookout!


Can you talk to us about your new kick starter campaign
Over a year ago, my brother Mark and I were thinking of ways to bring paper back to life. We’ve seen many changes over the last 6 years and the question “Are people still writing?” came up a lot. We began asking our fellow artists, business people, students and retailers if they write on paper. Thankfully, they all said YES! Connecting with paper is important. The physical act of putting pen to paper sends feedback to our brain that a keyboard or tablet cannot replace. So we developed an app that encourages us to think on paper, while being able to easily digitize ones notes and drawings. Our app ready journals and sketchbooks have coded corners on each page that enable us to capture, crop and create an image that is easy to work with. Version one of the ecojotCONNECT app launched in spring 2014 allowing users to do all the above with their handwritten notes. With every new app technology the cost is high and there is so much potential the app can reach with a little help from backers. So we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for Version two. Please take a look here at the campaign page


By Carolyn Gavin

Why do you ride?
I love the feeling of freedom riding gives me, plus it feels like a FUN workout. I love how I really see what’s around me when I’m on my bike and it’s a lovely way to decompress.



By Carolyn Gavin

What fun places have your travelled with your bike? Where are your favourite places to go by bicycle?
In September I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam. I didn’t ride in the city as I was too nervous but I did visit the country estate of the Kröller-Müller Museum near Arnhem, where we rode the bikes freely around the estate. It was truly magical but utterly freezing! In the summer here in the city, my favourite place to ride to is the local Farmer’s market on Sundays. I have 2 panniers on my bike, which are filled to the brim with bunches of Kale and fresh fruit and veggies.


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