Bike to Work Month!

Photos by David Ashe

After a long, bitter winter, I am incredibly happy to be back on my bike. The flowers are coming out, the sun is shining, and I’ve got a permanent smile on my face.

Bike to Work

It’s May now and you know what that means? Bike to Work Month! 2015 marks the 6th year for this 4 week campaign that encourages workplaces to celebrate cycling. Anyone can join by signing up online at There is $7000 worth of prizes to be won by just logging the kilometres you ride. Some of the prizes include a one night stay for two at the Wakefield Mill Inn and Spa as well as a brand new Midtown commuter bike from MEC.


The best part of my day is the commute to work and back. It’s my time to reflect, enjoy the weather and know that I’m making a difference by cycling to work. I’m happy to be doing my part being environmentally conscious. My commute is short so I don’t wear any special clothing while riding. I’m well equipped with my helmet, basket, lock, water, bag and lunch.

Bike to Work

Last year 1568 individuals and 81 workplace teams cycled a total of 157,331 kilometres. 342 of these participants were new to bicycle commuting. Workplace teams organized events to encourage each other. They held breakfasts, raffled preferred bike parking spaces, held directors’ slow races, and challenged other departments.


If anyone is interested in biking to work but are unsure about routes, the city of Ottawa has a lovely cycling guide you can use to plan your route. The bicycle option in Google Maps is also a great tool to plan your trip.
Sign up online at and perhaps join my team – TEAM NRCAN

Bike to Work

For more information and resources, or to book a Lunch and Learn session, please contact


Clothing and Accessories info:

Jacket – Modcloth

Shoes – Matiko

Socks – Happy Socks

Glasses – Cutler and Gross

Scarf – Vintage

Bag – Bike Belle

Bracelet – H&M

Helmet – Yakkay

Bicycle – Bobbin